Wellington Rides High with Participant

Wellington Rides High with Participant

Wellington Riding, founded in the 1970s, have been providing riding lessons, training and holidays to both children and adults for a number of years.

With the demand for all services increasing and wishing to move in line with technology, it became clear that a booking system was required. We are therefore delighted to announce the organisation has chosen to use Participant to facilitate their Junior Holidays online booking and payment system.

With a professional brand image, it was important that their requirements could be met and our Branded Platform functionality has therefore not only met their expectations but exceeded them by enabling their registration pages and email confirmations to match their website and in turn make a seamless transition between the two.

Linda Rooke, Reception Co-Ordinator & Bookings Administrator said:

“We have found the transition from our old system to Participant seamless and the staff to be very helpful and always responsive to any queries or amendments we may have.

 The system has a number of features which we have found useful, one of them being the ability to take deposits by using the new ad hoc functionality and in turn enabling us to continue operating in line with our internal procedures.”

We look forward to working with them on all of our future events.

As well as providing our deposit functionality to Wellington Riding, we are also providing other features including Evaluation Forms, Certificates and Search Pages.  To find out more about the features we offer, visit our Rates and Services webpage.

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