Volleyball Development Camps Launch Participant Platform

We are pleased to announce that Volleyball Development Camps have recently joined with Participant and will benefit from using our online booking and registration platform to power their weekend and elite camps.

Volleyball Development Camps enables athletes to learn to play the sport competitively, across a number of different tiered camps and by introducing Participant’s platform it will allow VbDC to focus their efforts on providing the highest quality camps to their participants and reduce the administrative burden by receiving centralised payments.

With our comprehensive administration and reporting suite, VbDC will be able to see who has registered at the click of a button with the information they require captured in an automatically generated register.  Our secure online payment platform further provides VbDC with a foundation to help grow their business.

See VbDC’s booking page

“Participant won the contract for several reasons, both serendipitous and practical. The location of Particpant’s office just a half hour drive from VbDC was purely a matter of luck, but combine that with the staff’s willingness to welcome a client to their office to help them understand how to best use the software and lead them through the process, and it has proven exceptionally beneficial.

All enquiries to the Participant staff have been met with the expressed desire to help the client make best use of the software; even “bespoke” methods for the client to use Participant software are investigated – an approach toward client service which we feel would never have been available from the larger firms we researched.”

Bob Pickens, Volleyball Development Camps
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