Universities UK Graduate with Participant

Universities UK helps to maintain the strength of the UK university sector by supporting members to achieve their aims and objectives.  The organisation runs a large number of events and with the ever-increasing burden paperwork places on large organisations they needed a way to streamline the booking and event administration process.

Participant’s online registration, payment and delegate management platform was selected by Universities UK in 2013 and our system now powers the complete end to end registration process for a wide range of their events such as conferences, seminars, courses, meetings and presentations.

Benefits to UKU’s customers:

The customer booking journey is enhanced as all it now requires is a simple two step registration process. All customer facing pages are mobile and tablet friendly so bookings can be made at the customers’ convenience and they’ll receive instant confirmation that their place has been secured on the event.

Benefits to UKU’s staff:

The vast majority of the back end functions that were previously carried out manually are now automated meaning their administration burden is significantly reduced. They no longer need to process paper forms, handle cheques, chase invoices, reconcile hundreds of bank transfers, send out joining instructions, manage evaluation forms or send out certificates. In addition, the finance team love it as well as all payments are listed in weekly settlements reports which makes analysis and reporting very quick and easy.

As delegate details are stored in an easy-to-access database marketing future events is a very simple process and has resulted in greater numbers on events. Once a new event has been set up the link to the registration page can be sent to a wide range of potential delegates with a couple of clicks of the mouse.

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