Paul Devlin Launches Participant Booking Solution For Football Coaching

As a provider of online booking platforms to sporting organisations, we are delighted to be able to announce that Paul Devlin has launched his Participant solution to facilitate the bookings for his football coaching sessions.

Utilising our flexible booking system has enabled Paul to streamline his booking process whilst taking advantage of features such as sibling discounts, showing forthcoming summer events and making the registration sign up easier for customers.

Online Booking For Your Touch Typing Courses

Instead of chasing paper forms and following-up on fees, Paul and his team can now access a register of attendees at the click of a button which provides him with a comprehensive list of who has booked, how much they have paid and this can be exported to Excel within seconds.

Whilst streamlining the process into once place, we also created a search page for Paul which will automatically update as and when new events are added on and removed when old events expire.  This is linked to the Paul Devlin Football Coaching website, meaning it’s now faster than ever for customers to find the courses online and book with ease.

Paul Devlin said…

I have found using Participant much easier to keep track of bookings for my football coaching, whilst also making the sign-up process more user-friendly for my customers.  The setup and support received has been great and I would recommend the solution to anyone to help with managing their registrations.

See How The Search Page Works

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