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Great Ormond Street Hospital opened in 1852 with just 10 beds and has since grown into one of the world’s leading children’s hospitals offering dedicated care to thousands of young people. At Participant, we are proud that our online event registration, payment and delegate management system has been able to remove onerous administrative tasks from their valuable staff meaning their time can be better spent elsewhere.

The Challenge

Many different departments with GOSH were running events such as seminars, workshops and training courses and were very often reinventing the wheel each time they set up one up. This was resulting in a duplication of workload, a lack of brand uniformity across the hospital’s events and little or no sharing of best practice amongst colleagues.

Therefore, instead of being able to copy the online registration page for a similar previous event from a central admin portal, event organisers were designing new ones each time so what should be a 10 minute job was taking hours.

In addition, the finance team had a constant headache when it came to reconciling BACs transfers and allocating funds back to the relevant departments as there was no reporting methodology in place or use of budget codes to automate the process.

The Solution

Participant’s online event registration, payment and delegate management system now provides GOSH with a single centralised admin portal from which to manage all their events, delegates and payments. This means setting up new events is no longer the onerous time consuming task it used to be and can be done within minutes.

As we simply needed to customised our existing platform to match GOSH’s requirements and branding there were no set up fees and everything was up and running within a couple of weeks.

The Solution

Great Ormond Street Hospital now have a fully automated online booking service that has streamlined their back end event administration processes and allows their customers greater flexibility to book and pay online at their convenience.

The central admin portal now provides staff with complete control over their events and allows them to make any changes themselves in real time. They can send out automated and ad hoc customer communications, manage reports, print off delegate registers and send out electronic evaluation forms and certificates. We also provide an event organiser’s app so everything can be managed on the go and delegates can be checked in online.
The integrated payment tool enables secure card payment to be made at the time of booking so GOSH staff no longer need to handle cheques or reconcile bank transfers. However, should they wish, the event organiser has the functionality to allow people to pay be invoice if appropriate for a specific event.

Finally, the finance team are delighted as events can be allocated with a specific budget code meaning payments are automatically allocated to the appropriate event meaning distribution of funds is very straight forward and significantly reduces staff workloads.

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