Participant Launches New Multi-Day Feature

Participant is an online platform which streamlines registration and payments, making the process of booking onto an event or course easier for you and your customers.

We are always looking to improve and add new features, and can now announce the launch of our new Multi-day feature!

What Does it Do?

Perfect for activity camps, the Multi-Day feature allows you, the organiser to offer automated discounts depending on the number of days your customer wishes to book.

Customers will be able to pick their days and the system will charge the correct amount accordingly.

You will then be provided with a list of attendees for each day individually, making for much easier registration tracking.

How Does it Work?*

Create your sessions for each day of the event, set your pricing options and link your price category to the sessions.
Mark your price categories as a ‘Multi-Day’ option and select the number of sessions your customers can pick.
Customers will be able to select the price category as usual, or the number of days they wish to attend; this is the Multi-Day option.

Easy to Manage

Customers will have the option to select the appropriate number of days; they will then be informed of which days they have booked on their receipt.

The organiser will be able to see the number of registrations for each day, making the process much easier to follow from start-to-finish.


An example could be a five day event where the organiser wishes to allow a customer to book ‘All 5 days’ or the option to book 1 to 4 individual days.

In the case of booking individual days, the Multi-Day feature can be used to facilitate this.

Setup Instructions

Step 1

Create your sessions for each day of the event. For this example I have added one session for each day of the 5 day event. Each session can have its own limit on the maximum number of participants.

Step 2

Create your pricing options. The organiser’s price is £30 per day but for a 4 day booking they offer a £10 discount and for 5 days a £25 discount.

Step 3

Link your ‘All’ price to all the sessions. The ‘All 5 days’ option needs to be linked to all the sessions by clicking the icon.

Step 4

Mark your 1-4 day prices as a ‘Multi-day’ option by clicking the icon. Select ‘Multi-Day’ and the number of sessions they have to pick.

Step 5

Save your event and the setup is complete.

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