3 Easy Steps To a Simple Payment Solution

With industry trends changing and attendees wishing to be able to book online or ‘on the go’ via mobile devices, whilst demands are shifting towards making it easier for event planners, it’s possibly time to consider online solutions for your events.

Using our payment solution to manage your event calendar could save you a large amount of administration, time and money.

Benefits include;

  • Save up to 13 minutes of administration time per registration*
  • You’ll receive payments for bookings directly into your selected bank account
  • Improved data management, as you’ll know exactly who is attending your events
  • Flexible payment options for your customers

Signing up with Participant is completely free and can be done in 3 easy steps;


It’s easy and free to create an account.  Fill out the form and you are in progress!


Participant’s standard package covers most needs to create and customise your sign-up page to obtain all the information you need from your participants.


It’s easy for participants to sign up and payment can be made immediately.  You can communicate easily with your participants along the way.

*Don’t take our word for it…

Norwich City Community Sports Foundation

“The switch from our old supplier to Participant has been extremely smooth without any delays. Our customers are already finding that completing a payment is much quicker and our back-office admin has been reduced from 15 minutes per booking to 2 minutes.”

Dan Crouch, Contracts and Performance Manager

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